The California Yoga Teachers Association (CYTA) was founded in 1973 by a group of yoga teachers who wanted to connect and support each other through education and friendship. To that end we created a training program that eventually evolved into the first nationally recognized two-year Yoga Teacher Training Program. One of CYTA's projects was to develop a Code of Professional Standards. Today that Code remains a model statement of ethical standards for yoga teachers.

Additionally, a small group of us met one day in 1975 to turn our newsletter into a magazine, which we named Yoga Journal. Over the years, Yoga Journal has developed into a leading resource for the yoga community, and today CYTA no longer has an ownership interest in Yoga Journal.

Professional liability insurance, formerly provided through CYTA for our members, is now administered through the Yoga Journal Benefits Plus Program.

Currently, CYTA functions as a not-for-profit foundation providing financial support for Yoga Dana Foundation, a charitable institution whose mission is to support yoga teachers who bring yoga to underserved communities.